The Fundamentals of Building a Career in Computer Information Science

May 11, 2022 · 3 mins read · By Julie Morris
The Fundamentals of Building a Career in Computer Information Science
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Computer information science is a broad discipline, with its two main fields being computer science and information technology. If you love to work with data and solve problems, building a CIS career could be ideal. 

There are ample job opportunities in CIS, as countless companies need software engineers and IT specialists, among other professionals. But if you want to set the stage for success, you must thoroughly prepare and learn how to get your foot in the door. This practical advice from Pixroad can help you get off to a strong start!

Determine Your Field

First of all, it will help to know whether you want to pursue a career in computer science or information technology. Generally speaking, computer science involves software development and engineering. When working in this field, you can expect to deal with computational theory, algorithms, mathematical models, and data analytics. 

On the other hand, information technology deals primarily with computers and information systems. It can entail anything from support and management to development and implementation. In IT, you can expect to work with software (e.g., mobile apps, operating systems, web browsers, etc.) and hardware (e.g., RAM, CPUs, hard discs).

Pursue an Education

Your career will benefit from a college degree, no matter which direction you plan to take. For example, suppose you dedicate yourself to earning a master’s degree in IT. In that case, you can sharpen your knowledge and skills in various practices, including cybersecurity, data analytics, IT management, and many more. Having a firm grasp of these essentials can open up all kinds of doors

Thankfully, it is now easier than ever to earn a degree entirely online. Look for an accredited university that offers online programs so that you can have the flexibility to earn your degree while balancing all of your other responsibilities.

Regularly Check Job Postings

Did you know that you can benefit from looking at job postings before you are even in the market for a new job? To be an excellent job candidate, you need to understand employers’ preferences, expectations, and requirements. 

Knowing the qualifications employers expect can help you identify what you need to work on and reveal potential career paths you never considered before. And what better way to learn than to read the job descriptions of positions you might be interested in down the road?

Seek Internships

Internships are one of the best ways to get your foot in the door in the computer information science world. You might be required to fulfill internships as part of your degree program. But even if you aren’t, they are worth pursuing. Look for both paid and unpaid opportunities to become an intern so that you can acquire valuable experience and make meaningful connections in the industry. 

Learn Professional Skills

While having a deep knowledge of software and hardware can help you succeed in CIS, you will need to develop professional skills if you hope to have a flourishing career. For example, work on your communication and coordination skills, such as managing relationships and giving effective presentations. Read books, get a mentor, and observe others in the workforce to learn and develop these skills.


You can forge a lucrative and fulfilling career in computer information science. Decide whether you want to work in computer science or information technology, and start working toward your degree. 

While you are studying, keep up with current job postings to learn the skills and knowledge you should focus on. Also, try to land internships and pick up valuable professional skills along the way. Before long, you’ll be making a name for yourself in your industry and solidifying your job security!

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