20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021

August 2, 2021 · 6 mins read · By Voicu Apostol
20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
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Are you looking for the best free design resources for your next project? We can all agree, if you are an ambitious entrepreneur, solopreneur, or aspiring graphic designer, you need a compelling professional brand- or at the very least skills and resources to establish one. 

However, if you are fresh to the world of graphic design, you will have to sift through a bewildering selection of stock image sites, image editing software, design services, among other options. That is why, to save you time, we’ve prepared a list of the best free design resources in 2021. 

These resources will help you to create a unique brand that stands out in the crowd. In this list, you’ll find the best free graphic design resources- whether you’re a designer looking for better graphical design tools or a business owner just looking for cost-effective software.

1. Dribbble

Inspiration + Free Templates

Dribbble is one of the leading sites to showcase your developer skills and also draw inspiration. This site’s simplistic design makes it easy to navigate and also find free templates. That’s because Dribble is home to the world’s best design professionals. You can additionally show off your skills and get a reliable client on this platform.

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Dribbble Landing Page

2. SVG Backgrounds

Background Generator

SVGBackgrounds is a free library of reputable SVG pattern collection that you can personalize with different colors, styles, and opacities. There is a wide range of patterns to choose from, all shown on the website’s homepage. You can see the preview of each background as you scroll down. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
SVG Backgrounds Landing Page

3. Behance

Inspiration + Free Design Templates

Are you looking for the ideal place to draw inspiration and also showcase your portfolio? Behance.net is the perfect place for that. Behance is full of different ideas from professional designers worldwide. What’s more, the site has free templates that you can utilize in your dev agency. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Behance Landing Page

4. Graphicburger

Free Design Resources

GraphicBurger is a reputable platform with premium quality free design resources for designers. You will find an unlimited supply of Mock-ups, UI kits, Backgrounds, and others on this platform. The best part is that this site is free for both personal and commercial use. It’s the ultimate place to acquire free design resources for any project, big or small. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
GraphicBurger Landing Page

5. Placeit

Ready to Use Mock-ups

Placeit is a fantastic resource for free ready to use stunning mock-ups. The website is packed with fully layered and readily modifiable photo realistic PSDs that you can use in your app demonstrations, projects, and presentations. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
PlaceIt Landing Page

6. Apple Developer

Apple Fonts

This website presents to you the frameworks, details, and tools you might need to use for Apple platforms. The available typefaces give you the flexibility of using varying sizes in different languages across the Apple platforms. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Apple Developer Landing Page

7. SketchRepo

Free UI Templates for Figma+ Sketch+Adobe XD

If you are looking for a great website where you can discover Free UI templates for Sketch, AdobeXD, or Figma, SketchRepo got you covered. It has some of the best-handpicked UI kits for your next design project. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
SketchRepo Landing Page

8. PsdRepo

Free Photoshop Templates

PsdRepo is a community-driven website that publishes high-quality PSD files that are readily available for download. This is an excellent place for devs to find high-quality graphics and free PSD files for their projects. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
PsdRepo Landing Page

9. UX Planet

Everything for UX Design 

UX planet is a professional UX design resource platform. It contains a vast collection of material on graphic design, web design, and illustrations. If you want to take your skills to the next level, be sure to bookmark this one. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
UX Planet Landing Page

10. Muzli Collections

Find Free UI templates + Tips

The most challenging part of UI is coming up with new ideas. Luckily, Muzli Collections has a curated collection of free UI kits to get you up and running with your next website design or app. The best part is that the UI templates offered are available in different styles and formats. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Muz.li Landing Page

11. Pexels

Free High-Quality Images

Pexels stands out as one of the best free stock photo websites. Pexels has a community of videographers and photographers who donate their work generously for designers and developers to download and use. The best part is that the photos and videos are royalty-free. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Pexels Landing Page

12. Unsplash

Professional Free High-Quality Images

Unsplash is yet another free stock photo website with over 21,000 photographers who contribute to the community. Over the years, Unsplash has accumulated a growing library of more than 2 million photos. While the number doesn’t match up to other free stock photo websites, Unsplash makes up for it with high-resolution images. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Unsplash Landing Page

13. Pixroad 

Free & Premium Design Assets

Finding great designs with handcrafted assets is always such a hassle. But with Pixroad, you can enhance your creativity and speed up your flow of work with Fonts, Web templates, UI-kits, and Graphics. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Pixroad Landing Page

14. Coolors 

Finding Color Palettes for Designs

Coolors is the go-to website that can help you generate the ideal color palette whether you are starting from scratch or have a specific color in mind. You can generate infinite color palettes on this website for your designs and save them to your profile. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Coolors Landing Page

15. UiGradients 

Find Gradients

uiGradients is a carefully curated collection of stunning color gradients for use in both design and programming. The website comes with a preset gradient that you may flip between using the arrow keys on each side. You will find the hex code for the colors used and the CSS code at the top. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
UiGradients Landing Page

16. Iconmonstr 

Free Icons

iconmonstr is the go-to resource for quick, simple, and customizable icons. The available PNG files have a maximum pixel size of 240x24o pixels, but you’ll always find a good range of the basic icons on this website. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Iconmonstr Landing Page

17. Heroicons 

SVG Icons Made by Tailwind CSS

Heroicons is one of the best sets of SVG icons that you will find. These icons make it easy for you to incorporate SVGs in your Tailwind project. You can find your ideal icon by searching it, clicking it, then pasting in your markup. After that, you can easily personalize the design by adding a few Tailwind classes. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Heroicons Landing Page

18. Noun Project 

Free SVG Icons

The Noun Project is one of the most extensive icon libraries, with over 3 million icons made by independent designers. The icons are available in PNG and SVG formats. Also, most of these icons come in black and white. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
TheNounProject Landing Page

19. Illustrations 

Free Illustrations

Illustrations.co is a free, open-source illustration library with 100 illustrations that you can use to design landing pages, mobile app interfaces, blog images, and presentations. Illustrations in AI, SVG, EPS and PNG files are included in the download, which you can tweak and remix for your design projects.

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
Illustrations Landing Page

20. Undraw

Open-source Illustrations

Undraw includes a library of beautiful vector illustrations for free on your designs, apps, or websites. Using the color picker, you can change the primary color to fit your brand. The files are available in SVG and PNG. 

20 Best Free Design Resources in 2021
unDraw Landing Page

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